Welcome to my collection of thoughts and learnings.  I never started to write mainly because I didn’t think what I had to say was terribly interesting to anyone but myself, or if there was something brilliant to share, a blog with a single entry was a mark of shame.  I got over the first part after I looked up how to do the same thing for the seventh time (If I had just written it down somewhere the first time…) and the second part with the realization that everything has to start somewhere.

Amongst other things, I am a father of two boys, Chief Architect at Akamai Technologies, board member for the Internet Security Research Group (parent organization to Let’s Encrypt), and amateur Karate instructor at Mojo Dojo Karate in Mill Valley, California.  These are all things that I am proud to be a part of and will certainly all influence what I write here.

Other things of note:

  • Co-Author of the upcoming Learning HTTP/2 book published by O’Reilly
  • 25 years of coding in c, c++, perl
  • Practiced public speaker
  • Coach